Are you getting married? Need a hand with your plans?

Here at the Interlude Spa we understand how important it is to look and feel wonderful on your wedding day. We have put together some packages for the bride and groom along with some spa tips from our professionals to help you achieve the look and the feeling you want on your special day.

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Just for the Bride!

  • Bride on her wedding day
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    Bridal Bliss Package


    Your special day! Enjoy a hand treatment, foot treatment, bridal hair, and finish with a bridal make-up application.

  • Make-up application
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    The Bride’s Special


    Your special day! Enjoy a French pedicure, French manicure, bridal hair, and finish with a bridal make-up application.

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    Bridal One Week Countdown Package


    Includes: Bridal makeup trial, Bridal hair trial, Hand treatment, Foot treatment, Lash strip application, Brow wax, Bridal makeup with lashes, Bridal hair

It’s not everyday that you get the privilege to witness and assist a special moment of the joining of two people. At the Interlude Spa, we make it our responsibility to make you look fabulous while you play an important role in the wedding. These packages are ideal for the wedding party as well as members of the family.

The Groom and his Party

The Bridesmaids & Maid of Honour

  • The Bridesmaid package
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    The Bridesmaid


    Complement your look with a French manicure, French pedicure, special occasion hair, and formal make-up application.

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    Picture Perfect Package


    Complement your look with a hand treatment, foot treatment, special occasion hair, and make-up application

For the Bride and Wedding Party

You’ll be the center of attention with the perfect wedding hairstyle. We recommend bringing your veil and accessories for your trial. Hair extensions are also a great option for achieving that perfect look you desire and can be discussed with your stylist. For the day of the wedding, it is recommended to wear a loose or button down shirt so your wedding hair will not be disturbed while changing. All up-do hairstyles generally work best when the hair has been shampooed and conditioned the day prior to the event, and for all special occasion hairstyles, please be sure your hair is dry prior to arriving for your appointment.
Because of the stimulation of the skin during a facial we recommend you to book no later than a week prior to the wedding.

We add just the right amount of color, highlight and contour to achieve a flawless and radiant you! To enhance the sultry look, lashes can be applied on top of water resistant mascara. The lashes are as natural as your own but longer and thicker and will look stunning in photographs. On the day of the wedding, please cleanse the skin and ensure it is well moisturized for best makeup application results.

Remove the unwanted hair and reveal the smooth skin; if this is your first time for body waxing, give yourself ample time for your skin to adjust. For best results, make your appointments at least one week prior.

The hand and foot treatments will have best results if done the day before the wedding. If choosing French tip, please let us know at the time of booking your appointment to allow suitable time. We have a wide selection of bridal/French base colors to choose from and we offer both the traditional “French” crisp white style as well as the “American” softer more subdued white style. You will be able to discuss your preferences and choices with your Aesthetician at the time of your appointment.

For the Groom

Look just right for those photos that will last a lifetime. A haircut or trim to tidy-up the edges and make a handsome appearance next to your beautiful bride.

Everyone’s eyes will be on your hands when you put on that wedding band, so be prepared and have them professionally groomed! If you’ve never had your hands treated by a professional, getting married is the perfect reason to start. She will be impressed!

Having your hands treated is the first step, but you don’t want to forget about your feet! Have your feet beach ready for your honey moon with a relaxing foot treatment.

Customized for men’s specific skin care needs. A thorough cleansing, toning, and exfoliation combined with a hydrating mask helps relieve razor burn, skin dryness and irritation. Includes a relaxing facial massage.

Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist, the therapeutic massage alleviates tension, releases endorphins and improves your posture so you’ll look your best in your tuxedo.

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