Breath By Design Programs

Unleash Your Potential through the Power of Breath

This FREE program gives you a taste of what Breath by Design has to offer along with an opportunity to connect with me and allow me to help you choose the best program for you.

Breath By Design Introductory Course

This special intro. program is perfect for those interested in experiencing all Breath By Design offerings before diving in to any of the full courses.

10 Minute AM Practices

These 10 programs can be enjoyed first thing in the morning or anytime you need a mental, physical or emotional boost. Explore a variety of practices designed to sharpen the mind, energize your body and grow capacity to face all the challenges life has for you.

10 Minute PM Practices

Wind up a busy day with these 10 short but powerful practices carefully designed to slow a racing mind, relax and repair the body, support your digestion and prepare your body for a deep, restful sleep.

Breath By Design Movement Sessions

These 5 workout videos contain a multitude of practices that improve breathing awareness, biomechanics and respiratory muscle strength through a series of fluid, whole-body movements.


These 5 audio sessions offer a series of intentional breathing practices that improve cardiovascular endurance, physical performance and recovery while leaving you feeling calm and centered.

  • Functional (nutritious) breathing while walking
  • Synchronize breathing and movement
  • Fully guided breath-driven interval training
  • Improve stamina and performance with breath holds while walking
  • Extended exhales in motion

60 Minutes to Transformation

This comprehensive online guided program allows you to create and customize a lifelong resource to holistically improve your health by understanding and supporting your design. Sessions are organized into breath-driven warm up practices followed by a 30-40 minutes movement class ending with a relaxation session. Never take your breath for granted again.
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