What is BreathWalk?

BreathWalk is a 30 minute interval-style guided walking workout designed to challenge your capacity, build stamina and cultivate a dynamic mindfulness practice that you can tune into anytime you’re on the move. Don’t have time to meditate but want to weave the benefits of mindfulness into your day? Try BreathWalk!

The sessions have been carefully crafted to deliver a progressive challenge to suit all fitness levels.

BreathWalk Workouts are for Everyone!

Even if you’re rehabbing an injury or coping with a condition that limits your ability to walk any distance, begin by following the BreathWalk workouts while seated. Using practices like rhythmic breathing, breath holds and extended exhales will move you forward toward developing energy and capacity in advance of taking the workouts on the road.

Hear about Rhonda's Experience

I began exploring breathing techniques two years ago. About 1 year into trying a few different practices, I started doing Breathwalks as a part of my daily routine. I loved it from day one! The first thing I immediately noticed was my mental focus felt sharper.

“When I started BreathWalking, my BOLT score was around 18. I wasn’t really focused on the score as much as how I was feeling during the practice. In the beginning, I wasn’t able to hold my breath very long. I got winded, dizzy, even a little panicked.

“After some time, a calmness set in. My breath holds soon began to energize me. I felt strong and clear headed. My BOLT score today, one year later, is 36! Not only has this practice improved my physical well-being, it’s been a lifesaver during a very stressful chapter in my life. I cannot recommend this enough.”

Purchase BreathWalk

These 5 audio sessions offer a series of intentional breathing practices that improve cardiovascular endurance, physical performance and recovery while leaving you feeling calm and centered.

  • Functional (nutritious) breathing while walking
  • Synchronize breathing and movement
  • Fully guided breath-driven interval training
  • Improve stamina and performance with breath holds while walking
  • Extended exhales in motion
CAUTION: Avoid (MAXIMUM BREATH HOLDS) if you are/have: pregnant, high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, schizophrenia, uncontrolled hyperthyroidism, heart problems, chest pains, cancer, sickle-cell anemia, kidney disease, panic disorder, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea.
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