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Looking for a breath practice but not sure how to start? Allow me to guide you through a sampling of all BBD has to offer before diving into the full program. Only $75

Kim KrausharA message from creator Kim Kraushar:

Over decades of study and practice in the field of mindfulness and fitness, I’ve realized the biggest roadblock to reaching our potential is something that’s 100% within our control. How we BREATHE………..

Now, I have no doubt that everyone reading this note is breathing but did you know that you’ve most likely, innocently & unconsciously, developed breathing habits that are negatively impacting every single system and organ in your body?

Sabotaging your ability to:

  • stay mentally sharp
  • manage stress & anxiety
  • relieve pain
  • digest your food
  • get a good nights sleep
  • maintain a healthy heart and optimize your blood pressure
  • maximize your fitness performance
  • develop healthy relationships with others

Breath by Design is meditation program for modern times – engaging and fun guided practices you can do seated, while walking and during exercise. I’ll help you tap into the breathing tools you already posses – unlocking your potential to lead a vibrant, healthy, exceptional life.

A Master Class Collaboration with Melanie Byford-Young & Kim Kraushar

Clarifying the Core: Bringing a Balanced Approach to the Art and Science of Breath and Dynamic Stability

Clarifying the Core: Bringing a Balanced Approach to the Art and Science of Breath and Dynamic Stability


Date: Saturday, September 10, 2022 9am – 12pm PST

Location: Livestreaming on Zoom

Overview:  It is time to revisit what you understand about ‘the core’ and how to breathe.

The one constant in life is change- our bodies evolve, our understanding of movement evolves, and our profession evolves.  We are constantly learning, testing what we have learned, and adapting.

This is an era of change within the movement profession. The pendulum is swinging and there is confusion about what is or is not ‘true’ about the core and breath. Many movement professionals find themselves questioning some, or all, of what they were taught. There is an abundance of new research and ideas that require evaluation and consideration. There is no reason to throw out all that you have learned over the past years, but yes, it is important to be up to date and evolve your practice.

Melanie and Kim are collaborating to bring you information, experientials and the chance to ask questions about dynamic core activation and breath.

Class size is limited. Register Today!  

Kim's interview with Vocal Musician

In this sweeping interview with Breath By Design founder Kim Kraushar we talk about what brought her to breath work, what benefits she saw in her own life, and, importantly, how this work benefits singers and voice professionals.

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