Breath By Design

A message from creator Kim Kraushar:

Over decades of study and practice in the field of mindfulness and fitness, I’ve realized the biggest roadblock to reaching our potential is something that’s 100% within our control. How we BREATHE………..

Now, I have no doubt that everyone reading this note is breathing but did you know that you’ve most likely, innocently & unconsciously, developed breathing habits that are negatively impacting every single system and organ in your body?

Sabotaging your ability to:

  • stay mentally sharp
  • manage stress & anxiety
  • relieve pain
  • digest your food
  • get a good nights sleep
  • maintain a healthy heart and optimize your blood pressure
  • maximize your fitness performance
  • develop healthy relationships with others

Breath by Design is meditation program for modern times – engaging and fun guided practices you can do seated, while walking and during exercise. I’ll help you tap into the breathing tools you already posses – unlocking your potential to lead a vibrant, healthy, exceptional life.

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